Are you an educator that would like to teach your students more about where their food comes from?

Great! Let’s talk.

There are several programs available to teachers that bring agriculture into the classroom. There are also several programs that you can join if you’re a student who is interested in agriculture. We have listed a few of these resources below.

1. Ag in the Classroom

American agriculture is plagued with misconceptions. Ag in the Classroom (AITC) helps teachers and their students understand the importance of agriculture and natural resources to our economy and way of life.

2. Conservation Field Day

The 5th Grade Conservation Field Day is hosted by the Ada County Soil District and is held on a farm in Ada or Canyon County. The District partnered with local organizations such as the Boise Watershed, Treasure Valley Food Coalition, BLM, Fish & Game, NRCS, Boise Co-Op, Boise Urban Garden School, and more to allow students to get hands-on education about conservation in the Treasure Valley.

3. Future Farmers of America

Student Farm and Ranch Groups include FFA (Future Farmers of America) and 4H through the University of Idaho.