Be Engaged in Your Local Government and Vote!



Your farming and ranching neighbors ask you to consider a couple of things as you watch the decisions made in your local communities and when you go to vote.

Will your taxes go up to pay for infrastructure to protect the profit stream of developments

Yes. Development does not pay for itself. You have to kick in your tax dollars to make things work. Please see the University of Idaho Study here and the American Farmland Trust study here. “In addition, increases in local tax rates tend to follow development, due to both expanded service needs and increased per capita demand for public services. Residential land use is costly relative to other uses in terms of government services needed, such as education and public safety. COCS studies such as this can be used as a tool for studying growth effects or impacts for local governments.” - University of Idaho Study

What will the valley look like and what lifestyle will I, my children and grandchildren have for the future?

You will not have open spaces including farmland and your local food security will go down. Developers choose farmland first as it is cheaper to build on. Please see the video showing projections by Boise State University

Who is supporting a candidate and will they be beholden to these entities? When a candidate talks about infrastructure, where will that money come from?

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